Tuta Absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), one of the most fearsome adversity of the tomato.

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The Tuta Absoluta suit is a worldwide problem in tomato cultivation and although for years widespread, it still has no safe remedies. Its potential impact on tomato crops, both under greenhouse and in the field, is very high. Attacks all aerial organs of the plant with production losses that can reach and exceed 70%
According to the agronomist Silvirio Pachioli, the causes of non-containment of the Tuta Absoluta are due to the following factors:

1. Remarkable polyphagy
2. Climate change
3. Resistance to major insecticides
4. Poor effectiveness of major insecticides
5. Poor selectivity of major insecticides towards predators and parasitoids
6. Poor technical knowledge of insect biology

ciclo biologico

The tips for managing the defense are as follows:

1. Cleaning greenhouses
2. Continuous monitoring with traps
3. Applying the concept of ‘jumping to the obstacles’, i.e. applying different methods/means of combating
4. Apply a “preventive” fight to adults and not to larvae
5. Limit the use of amino acid products. Prefer products that “structure” the plant (biostimulants)
6. Study well and apply the concepts of Chaboussous’s TROFOBIOSI

The Ecogoal43 product is a great help to this fight and you have to follow these short instructions:
Always remember that the product is not an insecticide.
If properly placed in a proper defense program can help in the management of the problematic Suit. The product has repellent action on adults and on spawning.
Its action is exclusively physical. Some evidence would make it abundant for the product to act on plant communication systems.

It should always be applied in prevention and with excellent coverage. In general, treatments can be carried out on a weekly basis. In case of high catches, very favorable climatic changes and traps that quickly increase catches it is necessary to repeat treatments even twice a week (every 3-5 days).